Your beautiful Stories, Goals and Ambitions are the inspiration for our Tailor-made Retreats

We are Ewoud Dekker and Marian de Neef.
As Team, founders and creators of Arte dell’ Anima we have a holistic approach to the work we do. We will gladly welcome you to our own rural location for a Tailor-made Retreat 

We have been working for over 30 years involved and result oriented with people who hit an emotional wall in their personal or professional life


We cannot remain on the sidelines if you fully commit

As a Team, we closely collaborate on the basis of a Systemic total concept and do so with humor, moxie, compassion and great confidence in your unlimited possibilities for growth.

And we gladly commit to this, using our personality, expertise and experience.

Part of our expertise is to reduce complex matters to their essence and simplicity.

We can do this, because we are making holistic and integrated use of a big toolbox, filled with therapeutic and coaching techniques.

And through the use of language and images that will touch one’s heart and soul ,you will perceive the solution and experience the change.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Nelson Mandela

Ewoud Dekker

“De beste coaching is zowel een kunde als een kunst.”

Ewoud is bevlogen over zijn werk, betrokken bij elke cliënt en creatief in zijn werkwijze. Een oprecht luisteraar naar het unieke en authentieke verhaal dat ieder mens in zich draagt.

Een bezield verhalenverteller. Door zonder schroom en met volkomen vertrouwen in jouw verhaal te stappen, vangt hij snel de essentie
waar je vraag om draait en de oplossing ligt.


En ziet wie je wezenlijk bent.

drs. Ewoud Dekker, oprichter en eigenaar van Arte dell’ Anima
Senior 4D-Systeem Coach, psycholoog en trainer.

Marian de Neef

“De kunst van het leven is om moeilijkheden om te zetten in mogelijkheden.”

Marian ziet het leven als een reis waarin het belangrijk is jezelf te leren kennen en ontwikkelen. Ze neemt nooit genoegen met “het kan niet”.

In het werk is haar commitment aan jouw vraag en doelstelling optimaal.
Marian brengt snel, met expertise en compassie, complexe problemen tot de kern en eenvoud terug. 

En biedt daarbij altijd een passende oplossing.

Marian Dekker-de Neef, oprichter en eigenaar Arte dell’ Anima
Hypnose Regressietherapeut, Voice-dialogue Coach en Trainer



We bieden een oplossing, ook als eerdere therapie of coaching onvoldoende resultaat bood

We are experts in the quick detection of the deeper cause of symptoms and problems and offer tailor-made solutions.

We regularly welcome guests who felt that previous therapy or coaching lacked perception and understanding or where the approach was insufficiently successful. In that case, in particular, we can often offer an “out of the box” solution.

After all, a permanent change takes place in your head, heart and soul. For this reason we make holistic and creative use of our wide range of therapeutic and coaching techniques

We have worked for 30 years with people who have hit a temporary wall in their life or their work. It is our aim to help you live your life freely, authentically and fully.
And in this respect we are driven to achieve the maximum result of our mutual effort.We will not settle for less. Even in the case of complex definitions of a problem.
Our strength is the quick detection of the deeper cause of a query or problem and to offer the solution.
For this reason we combine exclusive therapy and coaching with the inspiration and depth of a retreat
Which is a unique and innovative concept.
Als zeer ervaren syteemtherapeuten weten we dat een blijvende verandering plaats vindt in je hoofd, hart en ziel.

Our Retreats with Exclusive Therapy & Coaching are what we consider to be our Grand Crus or Super Tuscans.

Daarmee bieden we een uniek 4D totaalconcept aan,
dat begrijpt dat jouw geheel meer dan de som der delen

Through these we offer a unique 4D total concept

In 30 years our knowledge and experience have matured just like good wine.

This is why we, since 2008 and as the first and only one in the Netherlands, combine our unique 4D-System Coaching with Tailor-made Retreats at our own inspirational and beautiful rural location.

You will spend a number of days in the embracing atmosphere of our center as a welcome guest. This atmosphere is a very important element for experiencing space, stillness, comfort and privacy.

The therapy and coaching will help reduce any symptoms and do away with problems. The retreat as a whole, will give you a sense of depth, meaning and vitality.

The combination of all the above results in a special approach that actually helps you perceive the appropriate solution and experience the change you are going through.

We do our work with humor, moxie, compassion and confidence in your unlimited possibilities for growth. And gladly commit to this, using our personality, expertise and experience.

Complex matters will be reduced to their essence and simplicity in a language and with images that will touch one’s heart and soul.

Arte dell’ Anima Accommodation


We will gladly welcome you as guests to our own “Oldambster” farmhouse dating from 1846. Here you will find all the Comfort, Stillness, Space and Privacy you need to achieve the best results your Retreat could offer you. Experience the warm ambiance of our unique Center for Retreats with Exclusive Therapy & Coaching



Burnout Retreat

Opnieuw vooruit door even stil te staan.
Neem  afscheid van je blauwdruk voor burnout en beleef weer Ruimte, Energie en Vrijheid

Relationship Retreat

Three days as the welcomed guest of the best senior experts in solving relational problems will definitely help your relationship move forward.

Personal Retreat

Certain events in your current or past life can cause you to hit a wall. A Personal Retreat can enrich your life and give it direction.

Grief & Loss Retraite

Dealing with a loss takes time and a lot of loving attention.We are senior experts in understanding those who are going through a mourning process help you to move on
Heb je vragen over retreats, of een persoonlijke vraag? We beantwoorden ze graag. Stuur een whats-app bericht aan Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker neemt zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.