Burnout recovery retreat with senior therapy and next level coaching

Say goodbye to your blueprint for burn-out
Our five day burnout retreat will help you restore the balance between Life, Work and Health.

By briefly standing still you will once again experience the Space, Energy and Freedom that you need in order to move ahead.

Rest and Space are essential for Burnout recovery

At our own inspiring and beautiful rural location, we add stillness and depth to strengthen the exclusive coaching and therapy of our Burnout Retreat.
This will enable you to recognize new possibilities to restore the stillness within yourself. And to find the best balance between the requirements you want to meet and the space you need.A burnout therapy helps you to reach long lasting recovery



View on the Park Borgerswold

Experience the atmosphere of an authentic Oldambster farm

Stillness and Space

We offer a solution if you suffer from a burnout also if an earlier therapy or coaching proved insufficiently successful


Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint
and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

With exclusive attention to your stress and burnout blueprint and with tailor-made coaching you will soon be able to take a great step forward

In the event of a burnout all you want is to move away from the daily commotion and figure out what caused you to feel this way.

Only then can you conquer the issue and remove its control of your life.

We are senior experts in the quick detection of the deeper cause and blueprint of burnout symptoms which means that we can quickly offer you a tailor-made solution. We have been doing so for more than 30 years.

A full focus, one-on-one coaching and relaxation, for a period of five inspiring days with full accommodation, will restore the balance between lifestyle, work and love.

  • It will make you understand what stops you from finding the stillness you need, how to claim your own space and recognize the signals that you have indeed reached your limits.
  • It will include the tools you need to help you listen to the signals. And how you can discover the balance that would be right for you between the demands that you can and want to meet.
  • This lets you experience the space that reflects your authenticity.
  • Learning more about yourself, the pitfalls, the essence of what makes you special, knowing what suits you or not, these are all safeguards to protect you against a burnout.
  • Or, if you are already suffering from a burnout, to come out of it much stronger.

    You can also count on us after the Burnout Retreat.

    This is why we will agree on a number of follow-up telephone calls to ensure the further integration of your improvements and to support your process at home. 

Coming out stronger after your burnout.

Your beautiful goals, stories and ambitions are the inspiration for our  burn-out retreats.

  A burnout has quite a drastic effect on you and your environment,
and yet you can come out stronger.


Managing responsibilities

Managing the responsibilities you have regarding your work, family and friendships can put quite a strain on your feeling of happiness and level of energy.
It almost feels as if the entire world is laying claim to you which doesn’t make it easy to maintain a balance. Definitely so if you haven’t learned to guard your limits or to claim sufficient time and space for yourself.

As a creative and undertaking person you are part of a beautiful and complex world

Everything is continuously in motion and you are 24/7 on call.

We live in a time where success is almost a certainty. A time with opportunities for all, is what they tell you. In this way being successful almost becomes an obligation.

Everyone has to perform and multi-task at an increasingly younger age. We put a lot of energy in the control and performance of the grand play of being a partner, career enthusiast, social networker and parent

Sometimes we just can’t keep up with all these challenges and that is something more and more people have issues with.
Why? Because it is very hard to, in good time, recognize the signals indicating that you have entered the burnout danger zone.

Recognize the burnout signals in time

Recognizing the symptoms of a burnout

  • You may recognize these burnout symptoms: extreme fatigue, not charging up anymore, sleeping poorly, no energy, depressed, anxious, poor concentration, vague physical issues, emotional instability.
  • • And these qualities: effacing oneself, not being able to say no, feeling responsible for everything, striving for perfection, having a big conscience.
  • If much of the above sounds familiar, the issues you suffer from may be part of a (pre-)burnout.
  •  If you can no longer escape the trap of committing even more, feeling even more responsible and exhausting yourself, the time has come to seek help.

You need more than a different mindset to achieve a successful and permanent change, your feelings, environment and convictions must change with you at an equal pace.



And will balance and harmonize head, heart, body and soul.

What you need, is that your feelings, environment and convictions change with you at an equal pace. Only that will give you the foundation you need. Head, heart, body and soul fully harmonized and balanced.

The System Coaching we developed focuses on the blueprint of your stories, convictions, cognitions and emotions.

It is a blueprint as specific as your fingerprint. Our expertise is about making a change to that blueprint, a change that is exactly right and decisive.

Purity, comfort and inspiration.

We have worked for 30 years with people who have hit a temporary wall in their lives, relationships or work. Since 2008, our converted farmhouse has been a place of inspiration to which we would like to welcome you for your Tailor-made Retreat.

Arte dell’ Anima is a specialized Center for High Level Systemic Retreats. Each Retreat will be specifically tailored to your needs, making it fit as well as an Italian tailor-made suit.

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.
Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and experience renewed Space, Power and Freedom

Relationship Retreat

Three days as the welcomed guest of the best senior experts in solving relational problems will definitely help your relationship move forward.

Personal Retreat

Certain events in your current or past life can cause you to hit a wall in your personal development, your work or your relationship.

Mourning Retreat

Dealing with a loss takes time and a lot of loving attention.
We are expert in understanding those who are going through a mourning process and helping them move on

We work for over 30 years involved and result oriented for people who hit a wall in their personal or professional life


Burnout herstel Retraite

De 4D Systeem Coaching is snel en uitermate effectief.
Al mijn vragen, thema’s (zelfs meer) zijn volledig behandeld.
Een creatief holistische aanpak die effectief is voor elk individu in zowel privé als zakelijke ontwikkeling.


Door je burnout en stress blauwdruk te kennen, weet je wat je kunt doen om authentiek te leven

Om voorgoed afscheid te nemen van je burnout, is het belangrijk om inzicht te krijgen in de oorsprong en unieke...
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