Tailormade Retreats, VIP Days and Trajectories with high-level systemic therapy and coaching

Retreats, VIP Days and Trajectories for personal and professional development, burnout, grief and relationship therapy with senior coaches & therapists. Our unique 4-D system ensures lasting and sustainable results

Retreats, VIP Days and Trajectories for Burnout, personal and professional development with 4D-Systemic coaching®

  • What would it be like to get exclusive coaching on personal, professional or relational questions in a five-day Retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?
  • Or to reflect on your loss with senior grief experts and understand what is causing you to get stuck in your process and experience what you need to move forward again.
  • So that with the tailormade 4D-Systemic coaching® from senior experts in tracing the deeper cause of complex problems and patterns you achieve and understand very quickly, more than you can imagine. Especially if previous coaching or therapy has not offered you sufficient results.
  • An inspiring VIP Day with 4D-Systemic Coaching®, maps your blueprint of stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions. This gives you deep understanding about your personal and professional interactions with your environment. 
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Retreats for burnout treatment, personal and professional development, grief, loss and couples therapy

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.
Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Personal Retreat

Because of some events in your life now, or past, you can get stagnated. A Personal Retreat can greatly enrich you and shape clearity according your personal goals

Grief & Loss Retreat

If the feeling of Grief & loss is only growing and it is difficult or impossible to move it's a good to consider professional help, also after many years

Couples Retreat

Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

Ewoud Dekker 4D-Systemic Coaching®
Exclusive and Tailormade VIP Days & Trajectories for personal and professional transitions

VIP Days and VIP Trajectories for personal and professional development by Arte dell' Anima

The complex challenges of our time call for personal and professional transitions.

It takes courage to authentically define your position, stay connected with others and express the true value of yourself and your company or organisation.
A VIP Day or VIP Trajectory with 4D-Systemische Coaching® at an inspiring location near you or at our own rural location, will give you inspiration, profound insight and tools for immediate results.

Drs Ewoud Dekker developed his own method and, with 35 years of experience, is thé expert for psychological 4D-Systemic® change processes and transitions. 

Burnout Recovery High Tailormade Retreat VIP days & Trajectories Ewoud Dekker

We offer a solution also if an earlier therapy or coaching proved insufficiently successful

drs. Ewoud Dekker, Psychologist| Psychotherapist (BIG) │Senior 4D System Coach| Trainer
Marian de Neef, Senior 4D Systems Coach| Hypnosis Regression Therapist │ Voice-dialogue Coach │Trainer

For a successful and lasting change, just a different mindset is not enough, your feelings, your environment and your convictions need to change at an equal pace with you

This gives lasting improvement on the four essential dimensions of your life.

And brings the mind, heart, body and soul into alignment and state of balance.

What you need is for your feelings, your environment and your beliefs to change in equal pace with you. That combination builds a solid foundation and brings head, heart, body and soul into harmony and balance.

The 4D-System Coaching® developed by Ewoud Dekker and Marian de Neef playfully works with the analysis of the blueprint of your stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions. This allows you to discover how to find the best balance from your authenticity to be personally and professionally flexible

That blueprint is as specific as your fingerprint. Our expertise is to make exactly the right and decisive change to your blueprint.

Within a Tailormade Retreat or our VIP Days and Trajectory we work holistically, the 4D System Analysis is an integral part of this

“The entire picture is greater than the sum of its parts”

We guarantee you deep insight and lasting results in a Retreat, VIP Day or Trajectory

Review  burnout retreat
I made the well-considered choice of making this retreat a personal gift to myself.

The initial contact was spot on and the right cord was immediately touched.

4D-System Coaching is fast and incredibly effective. All my questions, themes (and more) were fully dealt with.

A creative and holistic approach that is effective for each individual experiencing either a personal or more business-oriented development.


Review personal retreat
The issues that I have been struggling with all my life, Ewoud and Marian finally managed to bring to the essence in this retreat and made them many times more manageable and lighter for me. I finally stand in my strength again!

Over the past 20 years of trying this with all kinds of other forms of therapy, I haven't even come close to where they were after just a few sessions.
I didn't at all imagine that this result was reachable.


Review personal Retreat
 My art is my being and the driving force. Through the guidance of Ewoud and Marian I went through a transformative, life changing experience.

They have this rare gift to see humans for who they really are, without projecting assumptions or ideas. They have the capacities to manifest sense of freedom and embodiment with the way they work.

For anyone who is courageous to call for a change, invest in the work and allow himself/herself to be vulnerable in a safe space – Arte dell’ Anima is a home for you”.

Keren Rosenberg

Performer | choreographer | Movement researcher

The Spacious rooms guarantee Stillness, Space and Privacy

A retreat with residence at Arte dell' Anima

We gladly welcome you as a guest in our own "Oldambster" farmhouse from 1846. Here you will find all the Comfort, Peace, Space and Privacy you need to get the most out of your retreat.

By understanding your unique burnout and stress blueprint, you will know what you can do to live authentically

To say goodbye to your burnout for good, it is important to understand the source factors. Besides a physical DNA, there is also a systemic DNA. Both profiles are completely unique, there is only one person...

Relationship problems are quite radical, they make you feel insecure and follow you wherever you go

Relationship problems are quite radical, they make you feel insecure and follow you wherever you go Sometimes you lose sight of each other and your connection. In a relationship you want to be together as partners, feel connected, grow together while preserving your individuality. It sounds so easy, but it often proves more difficult in practice...

The ideal relationship, this is how the light floods in

Ring the clocks that can still ring Forget about the perfect gift Everything has a crack This is how the light floods in Leonard Cohen. The gift of imperfection We are all looking for the ideal relationship. That one partner who will fulfill us, who understands us, touches us,...

From being under strain to a burnout

At a quarter of your life. Your head filled with possibilities, expectations, choices, opportunities, career. As well as missed opportunities, lost loves and goals not achieved. What is new? It's been this way for ages. Look in life's mouth and jump.

Relationship problems, find the differences in communicating

Relationship problems, find the differences in communication How do we look? What do we see? How is it possible that when we look at the same picture, we don't see the same thing? The image we see changes in the person looking. It is not a different...