For a lasting change in patterns that are hindering you, just a change off mindset is not enough.

After all, you also want your emotions, convictions and interactions to integrate

The Unique Retreats, of Arte dell'Anima with 4D-Systemtherapy® and senior coaching helps you to become authentic and in balance, in connection with an constantly changing world.

As a creative, involved and entrepreneurial person, you are part of a beautiful but complex world and know that living, deciding and acting authentically really matters.

Managing the responsibilities you have regarding your work, family and friendships can put quite a strain on your feeling of happiness and level of energy.

And how do you manage difficulties and challenges that upset your daily life , and what if persistent old reaction patterns keep repeating themselves?

In that case, we think you need to know that you don't need to be perfect. And that it is both understandable and natural to seek help at a certain stage of your life to recognise and change patterns, reduce symptoms and find the new balance you are longing for.


Sauna en Thermen Bad nieuwenschans

Recognising and breaking patterns gives visibility and space to your inner world

Perhaps you recognize the following symptoms or Issues normal for the present time you are living in

  • You increasingly feel like you cannot give direction to your life
  • Traumatic past experiences continue to negatively affect your life.
  • Periods when you suffer from gloominess emptiness or anxiety keep recurring.
  • You do not manage to enjoy life to the fullest or to feel not comfortable with your successes.
  • Although you have cognitive insight into patterns that impede you, managing to change them is not successful enough.
  • Maybe you are at the crossroads of options and remain doubtful regarding the next step in your career or private situation.
  • In previous therapy or coaching, you did not feel not been seen or understood enough or you experienced that the methodology yielded insufficient or only cognitive results.

We believe these are times in need of connective coaching and therapy that quickly brings you back to directioning your life. After all, problems don't have to last endlessly.

And that new times call for a new understanding of counselling and therapy.

We have complete faith in your unlimited potential to grow. Also, if previous coaching or therapy did not bring you the tools and transformation you hoped for.

From that perspective, we developed our 4D-systemic® total concept, in which we connect our expertises. And in 2008 started our therapeutic centre Arte dell' Anima, where we like to welcome you for our tailormade Retreats,

In our treatment method, we share our expertise, experience and personality without judgement, with commitment, humour and confidence. We bring complex issues back to their essence, which enables you to live and operate authentically again.

By using language and images that touch your head, heart and soul, we quickly get to the core and blueprint of your problem so that you experience the solution and witness the change.

Arte dell' Anima offers the space for transformation

Because we have complete faith in your limitless potential to grow, we were the first to develop our Taillormade Retreats and combine our knowledge and expertise into a total systemic concept that does justice to your goals, uniqueness and experiences.  

Change your inner story and you are transforming the outer world

Ewoud is passionate about his work, committed to each client and creative in his approach. A sincere listener to the unique and authentic story that each person carries within them.

An inspired storyteller. By stepping into your story without hesitation and with complete confidence, he quickly understands the essence of your query .

With 35 years of experience, he is the expert on psychological and 4D-Systemic® transformation processes and transitions.

drs. Ewoud Dekker, oprichter en eigenaar van Arte dell’ Anima & Verander dimensies
Psychologist |Psychotherapist (BIG) |Senior 4D System Coach.

“The art of living is converting difficulties into possibilities.”

Marian sees life as a journey in which it is important to get to know and develop yourself. She is senior expert in understanding your inner landscape and belonging parallel worlds, which is essential for processing (early) trauma.

In her work, she is fully committed to your query and objective.
Marian brings complex problems back to their core quickly, bringing in expertise and compassion so that the energy trapped in these frozen energy can start flowing again.

And always offers an appropriate solution in your process.

Marian Dekker-de Neef, co founder and owner Arte dell' Anima
Hypnosis Regression Therapist, Voice-dialogue Coach and senior 4D Systems Coach


Our 4D-Systemic Retreats are helping you to live authentically and in connection with a world that is constantly changing.

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still. Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Personal Retreat

This retreat for creative, and venturesome people will help you live authentically and overcome old Hindering patterns

Grief & Loss Retreat

If the feeling of Grief & loss is only growing and it is difficult or impossible to move forward you might consider professional help, also after many years

Couples Retreat

Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

Are you interested in our retreats, or do you have a personal question? We are happy to respond to them. Send a whats-app message to Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker will get back to you as soon as possible.