Burnout Retreats with Exclusive Therapy & Coaching

Do you want to learn more about the unique blueprint of your burnout?

Our 5-day Burnout Retreat with senior therapy & coaching will help you to restore the balance between
life, work and healthiness

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By briefly standing still you will once again experience the Space, Energy and Freedom that you need in order to move ahead.

Because stillness, space and deep insight are essential for recovery and prevention of burnout

At our own inspiring rural location, we add stillness and depth to strengthen the exclusive coaching and therapy of our Burnout Retreat.

During your five-day burnout retreat, you will discover new ways to restore the serenity within yourself. And find the best balance between the requirements you want to meet and the freedom you need.

Even after your stay, you can count on our aftercare so that your improvements become integrated and deep-rooted in your daily life.

The unique burnout treatment with residency at Arte dell' Anima helps you towards a sustainable recovery.

Also after the Burnout Retreat, you can count on our after-care.

This is why we agree on a number of follow ups, so that your improvements become firmly integrated and your process is supported in your daily business.

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We offer a solution if you suffer from a burnout and particularly so if an earlier therapy or coaching proved insufficiently successful


Say goodbye to your blueprint for burnout in a retreat
and re experience space, energy and freedom again

With exclusive attention to your stress and burnout blueprint alongside tailor-made coaching you will soon be able to take a great step forward

In the event of a burnout all you want is to move away from the daily hustle and bustle and figure out what caused your symptoms.

Only then can you conquer the issues and stop them from your life

We are senior experts in the quick detection of the deeper cause and blueprint of burnout symptoms which means that we can quickly offer you a tailor-made solution. We have been doing so for more than 30 years.

A burnout has quite a drastic effect on you and your environment,
and yet you can come out stronger


Managing responsibilities

Managing the responsibilities you have regarding your work, family and friendships can put quite a strain on your feeling of happiness and level of energy.
It almost feels as if the entire world is laying claim to you which doesn't make it easy to stay balanced
Especially if you haven't learned to guard your boundaries or or to claim sufficient time and space for yourself.
A burnout has quite a drastic effect on you and your environment, and yet you can come out stronger

As a creative and undertaking person you are part of a beautiful and complex world

New times require a renewed vision

Because everything is constantly in motion and you find yourself online 24/7.

We live in a time when success is almost guaranteed and everyone, you are told, has every opportunity. Being successful thus becomes almost an obligation.

Because everyone has to perform and multitask at an increasingly younger age . As a result, we lose a lot of energy to perfectly master and perform the feat of partner, career-maker, social networker and parent.

Sometimes we just can't keep up with all these challenges and that is something more and more people have issues with.
In fact, it is very difficult to notice in time the signals that you have entered the burnout danger zone.

Recognise burnout symptoms in good time

Signalling burnout symptoms

  • Maybe you notice these burnout symptoms: extreme fatigue, not charging up anymore,sleeping poorly, no energy, depressed, anxious, poor concentration, vague physical issues, emotional instability.
  • And these qualities: effacing oneself, not being able to say no, feeling responsible for everything, striving for perfection, having a big conscience.
  • If much of the above sounds familiar, the issues you suffer from may be part of a (pre-)burnout.
  • When you can no longer escape the trap of committing even more, feeling even more responsible, and exhausting yourself, it is time to seek help.

For a successful and lasting change, just a different mindset is not enough, your feelings, your environment and your convictions need to change at an equal pace with you


This gives lasting improvement on the four essential dimensions of your life.

And brings the mind, heart, body and soul into alignment and state of balance.

What you need is for your feelings, your environment and your beliefs to change in equal pace with you. That combination builds a solid foundation and brings head, heart, body and soul into harmony and balance.

De door ons ontwikkelde 4D Systeem Coaching® werkt met de blauwdruk van je verhalen, overtuigingen, cognities en emoties.

That blueprint is as specific as your fingerprint. Our expertise is to make exactly the right and decisive change to your blueprint.

Do you want to learn more about the unique blueprint of your burnout?

To say goodbye to your burnout for good, it is important to understand the source and unique blueprint of causative factors.

Besides a physiological DNA, there is also a systemic DNA. Both of these profiles are completely unique; as there is only one person who has this particular blueprint.

Just like your fingerprint.

Relaxation and a sense of space are essential during a burnout retreat

That's why we like to welcome you to our own Retreat Centre. Here you will find all the Comfort, Stillness, Space and Privacy you need to achieve the best results your personal or professional burnout retreat could offer you

Biological and vegetarian meals support your stay

The comfortable guest rooms guarantee peace, space and privacy

The work spaces, where the extensive one to one sessions take place, have a pleasant warm atmosphere.

Arte dell' Anima is a specialized Centre for High Level Systemic Retreats. Each Retreat is put together especially for your goals, so that it is personalized like an Italian tailor-made suit.

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.
Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Personal Retreat

Because of some events in your life now, or past, you can get stagnated. A Personal Retreat can greatly enrich you and shape clearity according your personal goals

Grief & Loss Retreat

If the feeling of Grief & loss is only growing and it is difficult or impossible to move it's a good to consider professional help, also after many years

Couples Retreat

Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

If you want to benefit from 4D-Systemic Coaching® in a condensed timeframe a High Level VIP Day or Trajectory, might be a suitable choice. You will then work on a 1 to 1 with Drs. Ewoud Dekker and benefit from his 35 years experience.

"Because by yourself you get far, together you develop further"

VIP Days and VIP Trajectories for personal and professional development by Arte dell' Anima

The complex challenges of our time call for personal and professional transitions.

It takes courage to authentically define your position, stay connected with others and express the true value of yourself and your company or organisation.
A VIP Day or VIP Trajectory with 4D-Systemische Coaching® at an inspiring location near you or at our own rural location, will give you inspiration, profound insight and tools for immediate results.

Drs Ewoud Dekker developed his own method and, with 35 years of experience, is thé expert for psychological 4D-Systemic® change processes and transitions. 

Burnout Recovery High Tailormade Retreat VIP days & Trajectories Ewoud Dekker

Full focus één op één coachen én ontspannen, geheel verzorgd in vijf inspirerende dagen, brengt lifestyle, werk en liefde in balans. 

  • Hierdoor ga je  zien wat je belemmert om rust in te bouwen en zelf ruimte in te nemen en hoe je de signalen kunt herkennen die aangeven wanneer het je te veel is.
  • Met tools die je nodig hebt om er naar te luisteren.  En hoe je de voor jou juiste balans kunt ontdekken tussen de vragen waaraan je kunt en wilt voldoen.
  • Hierdoor beleef je de ruimte die recht doet aan je authenticiteit.
  • Jezelf beter leren kennen, je valkuilen, de essentie van wat je bijzonder maakt, weten wat wel en niet bij je past, zijn waarborgen die je behoeden voor een burnout.
  • Of wanneer je in een burnout bent beland, er sterker uit te komen.

    Ook na de Burnout Retreat kun je op ons rekenen.

    Daarom spreken we een aantal telefonische follow ups af, zodat je verbeteringen stevig geïntegreerd raken en je proces thuis ondersteund wordt.

Kom Sterker uit je Burnout

Jouw prachtige doelen, verhalen en ambitie, zijn de inspiratie voor onze Retreats.