Cooperation between Ewoud Dekker and Van Oosterhout Adviesgroep

Today's complex challenges require personal and organisational transitions

"Our mission is to engage people in such a way that they are authentically moving forward and therefore achieve their results."

Cooperation between Van Oosterhout Adviesgroep and Ewoud Dekker | Arte dell' Anima

Ewoud Dekker is a psychotherapist and is working from his 4D-Systemic Vision® on the psychological aspects of behaviour change together with Dees van Oosterhout in their training "Rolswitch".

This training supports governments, non-profit organisations and companies to smoothly manage personal and organisational transitions within the context of today's complex times

After all, it takes courage to fulfill authentic roles and define your position within them, to remain in connection with the other persons involved and to express the true value of yourself and organisation.

From their shared vision, expertises and their extensive experience, they create innovative and inspiring training courses based on an new systemic vision on education, training and coaching.

The training "Rolswitch" and this special book will help you to achieve your results faster, successfully and more enjoyably.

The joint venture arises from Dees' book "Rolswitch - being of value again".
Ewoud was co-writer of a key chapter in the book, in which he provides a scientific and psychological validation of the natural ability as human beings to continuously switch between different roles.

After all, in government, non-profit organisations and companies, it is increasingly common nowadays to be expected fulfilling several roles in just a single day.

But how do you enact that? And can you implement this consciously, professionally and with a sense of meaning?
Is it even possible to switch between roles in a result-oriented manner and still maintain your enthusiasm and individuality?
And what is the best way to find the right balance in working together based on autonomy and synergy?

In her book Rolswitch, Dees van Oosterhout answers the question of what "Being of Value Again" means and how to achieve that as a person or an organisation.

Ewoud Dekker explains with expertise the psychological, social and 4D-Systemic® mechanisms playing an essential role in this process.

Make your organisation truly future-proof

The purpose of the Rolswitch training is to teach you for each specific task,to switch very professionally, between the various roles and therefore achieve your results faster, better and more enjoyably.

The Training Rolswitch

Together, Dees van Oosterhout and Ewoud Dekker have developed a theoretical model and a practical method to teach you to switch professionally between these roles in your own way and to develop and explore competences for the roles that may be less convenient for you.

This allows you to achieve your results faster, more smoothly and pleasantly. Because each of these roles require a specific role awareness, an effective role professionalism and a capability to switch between all of them.

This is what we call Rolswitch

Our expertise, experience and inspired commitment are well expressed in the unique Training Rolswitch.

Dees as the specialist on complex issues and interactive decision-making work methods in government, non-profit organisations and business.

Ewoud as the expert in the field of psychological and 4D-Systemic® transformation processes and transitions.

"Because for a successful and lasting change, just a different mindset is not enough, your feelings, your environment and your convictions need to change at an equal pace with you"

Ewoud Dekker MSc.

Ewoud Dekker MSc.

Co-founder of Arte dell' Anima|Psychologist |Psychotherapist (BIG) 4D-System Coach|Trainer|Rolswitcher

"For successful and lasting change, just a different mindset is not enough"

Ewoud Dekker MSc. is co-founder of Arte dell' Anima. A holistic centre for tailor-made retreats with high-level therapy and coaching. He also provides tailor-made trainings and VIP days for people in business, non-profit organisations and government.

Ewoud is passionate about his work. With 35 years of experience, he is the expert on psychological and 4D-Systemic ® change processes and transitions.

His unique 4D-Systemic Analysis ® helps individuals and organisations quickly understand the psychological factors and blueprint of interactions that contribute to or hinder change processes.
Because for a successful and lasting change, just a different mindset is not enough, your feelings, your environment and your convictions need to change at an equal pace with you

His great empathy, inspired commitment and broad-based experience create opportunities for adequate change and your desired transitions.

Change your inner story and you are transforming the outer world


Logo van Oosterhout Adviesgroep

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field. I'll meet you there"

Dees van Oosterhout Adviesgroep

Dees van Oosterhout

Process direction|Process counsellor|Team development|Role switcher
Day chairman|lectures|Author

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field. I'll meet you there"

Dees van Oosterhout MSc. founded the Van Oosterhout Adviesgroep in 1997 out of the conviction that she could engage people in such a way that they are moving forward and find their own answers to questions and challenges within organisations. In this way, they take the lead on what they want to change in their work.

Over the past twenty-five years, the Van Oosterhout Adviesgroep has become the specialist in the field of complex issues and interactive decision-making processes with large groups in government, non-profit organisations and business.

What distinguishes the Van Oosterhout Advisory Group from other consultancies is undoubtedly Dees van Oosterhout herself. Clients often describe her with the 3 A's: Authentic, Attentive and Always Pleasantly Present.

She operates with guts and love, humour and unbridled enthusiasm. Dees is therefore a frequently invited speaker and author of the books Rolswitch, Process Direction, Process Interventions, Toolkit Process Direction and Political Intelligence.

From humour, guts and love practically on the journey towards your results.


Ewoud Dekker is one of the very few psychotherapists and coaches I dare to introduce into organisations.

His 4D-System Vision ® on the psychological aspects of behavioural change, adds significant depth to my approach in organisations.

Ewoud Dekker values authenticity both as a human being and as a coach/psychotherapist.
His years of experience brings him an overview for every request for help that is more than a client's question. In his inimitable way, with great empathy, he finds a way to tackle the problem in a very precise tailormade manner for each client.
He is highly inventive and explores from various perspectives and theories.

In doing so, he has great integrity but he is also light-hearted, full of humour. He provides clear structures, guidance, security, balance but is equally inviting, boundary-breaking and inspiring.

Besides as a trainer, I warmly recommend Ewoud as a coach/psychotherapist. For people who have suffered burnout in their organisation or for those professionals who want to boost their self-confidence.
Also for executives who keep falling into an hindering pattern even though they have attended many management training courses.

Dees van Oosterhout

Van Oosterhout Adviesgroep

I have come to know Dees van Oosterhout as a highly skilled and professional craftswoman. In working with people on complex issues and interactive decision-making, she is in her element as a fish in the water. Or more properly described - like an octopus, the logo on her book Rolswitch.

She switches with the greatest ease between the role of expert, listener, storyteller, trainer or helicopter pilot with a systemic overview. Similarly, empathy, maintaining the direction, thoroughness and the ability to slow down and reflect, interchange extremely naturally.

The fact that - after so many years - she still works with guts and love, humour and unbridled enthusiasm says it all about the person and the professional. Dees has a genuine passion to spark authenticity in people and connect them to the group and the organisation's core values.
All of this can be noticed and experienced in her training courses, team coaching, lectures and day chairmanship and her excellent (now 5 !) books.

Ewoud Dekker MSc.

Arte dell' Anima

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