Relationship weekend retreat with tailormade 4D-Systemic relationship therapy & senior coaching®

Recognise and overcome the patterns that are sabotaging your relation


We bring complex relationship problems back to their essence, in language and images that touch your head, heart and soul.

As a creative, engaged and conscious living couple, you are part of a beautiful but complex world.

Sometimes you lose each other and it seems like you find it harder and harder to reach each other.
It is often not easy to permanently break negative patterns that sabotage your relationship despite your commitment and love.

Because then what would it be like to three days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life exclusive warm attention get to the relationship problems and issues that concern you.

With tailor-made coaching from senior relationship therapists with 30+ years of experience in very quickly identifying the root cause of (complex) relationship problems and providing the appropriate solution.

So that you achieve more in a short time than you think possible.

Also as previous relationship therapy or coaching processes did not offer sufficient results

With extensive follow-up and aftercare To integrate your insights and goals even further.

Also after your Relationship Retreat, you can count on our aftercare.

Therefore, we schedule a number of follow-up calls so that your combined new insights and transformative process become firmly integrated into your everyday lifes. 

We offer a solution even if previous Relationship Therapy or coaching did not offer sufficient results

Discover the essence of relationship problems in an exclusive retreat and learn together to recognize and break unconscious patterns

We are experts in identifying and resolving the root cause of relationship problems very quickly. And providing a tailor-made solution, even in a relationship crisis.

We regularly receive couples who have felt insufficiently seen or understood in previous therapy or coaching. Or where help with your relationship problems did not yield sufficient results. Also then, we can often offer a solution and teach you to recognize and break your subconscious negative patterns

We work with humour, guts, compassion and without judgement with you and strengthen the personal and joint qualities, strengths and authenticity available. In doing so, we fully deploy our personality, expertise and experience.

We bring complex issues back to their essence and simplicity, in language and images that touch your head, heart and soul.

Relationship problems don't have to last forever

At our own beautiful and inspiring location, we have been enhancing 4D-Systemic relationship therapy and coaching ® with the peace and depth of a relationship weekend retreat since 2008.

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will discover what the blueprint is for your relationship problems and how to permanently break frozen reaction patterns while respecting each other's uniqueness.

Especially in a relationship crisis, a straightforward approach is needed that gives a breath of fresh air quickly

The relationship therapy weekend will touch your minds, your hearts and souls to provide renewed perspective.

For the systemic balance of our Couples Retreat, all sessions are led by Ewoud Dekker & Marian de Neef

  • During the relationship therapy weekend, you will quickly start to recognise the patterns that get in the way of a balanced and happy relationship.
  • With solid insight and practical tools, we will help you break through them.
  • In addition, you are going to see new opportunities to thoroughly improve and renew your relationship.
  • You regain perspective, creating more space and understanding for your partner's uniqueness
  • You are involved with each other again and experience more intimacy.
  • By feeling connection at a deeper level, you start to experience safety again and it becomes much easier to discuss difficult topics

Renew Your Relationship

In an intensive three-day and personally tailormade relationship therapy weekend

Sometimes you lose track of each other and your connection seems far away,
then a relationship burnout may lurk.

Regain the balance in your relationship

In a relationship, you want to be together as partners, feel connected, grow together, and maintain your individuality. It seems so easy, but often proves more difficult in practice.
And let's face it, a long-term relationship requires quite a lot. You get to know yourself and your partner more and more, and it is not always as expected.

You change, possibly get different wants and needs, enter different phases of life and it just has to all be in sync.

Around you, everything is constantly changing and it is not easy as a multitasker to perfectly manage your roles of partner, careerist, social networker, and parent.

Relationship problems are drastic and cost a lot of energy be there in time to avoid relationship burnout.

Relationship problems are profound and don't let you off the hook

When negative patterns start repeating themselves, and you start feeling more and more misunderstanding, powerlessness and insecurity, it is time to seek help.

Arte dell' Anima is a specialised Centre for High Level Systemic Retreats Each Relationship retreat will be put together especially for you, to fit like an Italian tailor-made suit

We guarantee you lasting results in our intensive couples retreat, which takes months in other trajectories.

Your beautiful goals, stories and ambitions are the inspiration for our Couples Retreat at Centre Arte dell' Anima

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still. Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Personal Retreat

This retreat for creative, and venturesome people will help you live authentically and overcome old Hindering patterns

Grief & Loss Retreat

If the feeling of Grief & loss is only growing and it is difficult or impossible to move forward you might consider professional help, also after many years

Couples Retreat

Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

Are you interested in our retreats, or do you have a personal question? We are happy to respond to them. Send a whats-app message to Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker will get back to you as soon as possible.