Mourning & Loss retreat with senior 4D- systemic grief therapy & coaching

After the loss of someone you love you are often left with feelings of confusion and uncertainty.

Our tailormade retreat for grief and loss helps you to restore the natural balance between loss and meaning. So even after many years.

Losing someone you love hits you at the deepest base of your existence and often time does not heal your wounds.

But out of sight does not mean out of mind or heart.

After the loss of someone you love you are often left with feelings of confusion and uncertainty. It hits you in the foundation of your existence.

You experience change through loss and often the passage of time does not heal your wounds. Sometimes the meaning of your life can feel distant, even after years.
An unprocessed grieving process can cause physical & mental health problems. Your inner circle doesn't always know how to handle or recognize that facts.

If you are stagnating in your grieving process, comprehension and support are most welcome. So how would it be to get support along with your unique grieving process away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in an individual grief retreat?

Rediscover your personal balance between loss & meaning with a tailor-made grief retreat.

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.

If the feeling of loss only increases and it is difficult to pick up your life and move on, there is no harm in seeking professional help.

At our own inspiring location, we are happy to welcome you. There, we offer a warm, safe place to reflect on your feelings of loss in security.

With tailor-made grief therapy and coaching by mourning experts having more than 30 years of experience

Being senior 4D-Systemic experts we can help you to understand what is holding you back when you stagnate and what it is you need to process to move on again.

It takes time to regain balance and to relate to your completely changed world.

We love to help you with your healing proces


Ewoud Dekker MSc. is Psychologist| Psychotherapist (BIG) │4D-senior systems coach │poet and writer
Marian de Neef is Hypnosis Regression Therapist │Voice-dialogue Coach │Trainer │Sculptural artist

About us

Dealing with your loss is a very personal inner process of letting go and reconnecting with your meaning and desires for life.

But what if your feeling of loss only grows deeper?

The most commonly heard advice is that life should go on, but how do you manage to do that when you also need to keep feeling that unique connection with the person you have lost ? It is, therefore, no surprise that at those times in particular problems arise with certain family members and friends, as a result of well-intended but thoroughly misplaced advice. This is sad for all parties involved.

Is it possible, even after several years, to work through the process of grieving?
Our answer and experience gives only one answer: yes absolutely.
Because a good farewell always includes taking with you what you cannot live without. It is always about the closeness of the other person. You don not have to lose that feeling. Out of sight does not mean out of heart. Your bond remains embedded in your heart and memory

And you leaving behind what hinders you from regaining your life.  Like feelings of guilt, powerlessness, loss of hope. Embracing a future with new hope as well as new perspectives and a feeling of connection with your authentic goals in life
Our grief retreat helps you say goodbye bearably and with comfort, and embrace life again with meaning. And helps you with the transformative process of embracing yourself again.

Of course you can count on our aftercare after the Mourning & Loss Retreat.

Therefore, we schedule a couple of follow-ups by phone so that your improvements are firmly integrated and your process is supported in your daily activities.

A grief and loss retreat focuses on your systemic blueprint stories and personal history, and you are coached one-on-one with senior 4D-Systemic Grief therapists

  • Senior 4D-Systeem Therapists® will coach you one-on-one during 5 inspiring days at our warm and comforting center for retreat
  • Surrounded with attention and a comforting environment, we will look at all the steps in your process up to now and will start by envisaging the blueprint of your stagnation, where you are now and what you need in order to live life to the fullest again in your changed world
  • We work holistically with a wide range of techniques, both experiential and processing-oriented. As a result, you will experience how the loss can become more bearable and see perspective in the new context that fits your unique person and history.
  • As a result, you start to restore the balance between experiencing loss and finding the reign of meaning, allowing you to move from being survivor to enjoy living.
  • Of course, you will be given the tools you need to consolidate your new perceptions along with follow up calls after your Grief & Loss Retreat.

Relaxation and plenty of space are essential components for our a grief & loss retreat

That's why we like to welcome you to our own Retreat Centre Arte dell'Anima That's why we like to welcome you to our own Retreat Centre Arte dell'Anima This is where you will find all the Comfort, Space and Privacy to get the best results out of your retreat.

Biological and vegetarian meals support your stay

The comfortable guest rooms guarantee peace, space and privacy

The ambiance in the Working Areas, where the extensive Sessions take place, is both inviting and embracing.

Arte dell' Anima is a specialized Retreat Resort for High Level 4D-Systemic Systemic Retreats

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Are you interested in our retreats, or do you have a personal question? We are happy to respond to them. Send a whats-app message to Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker will get back to you as soon as possible.