Personal and professional retreats with 4D System Therapy® & coaching

Your personal blueprint of stories is as specific as your fingerprint

Our five-day personal or professional retreat for creative, engaged and entrepreneurial people helps you live authentically and break old patterns

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Tailormade Retreats, VIP Days and Trajectories with high-level systemic therapy and coaching

Having one-on-one senior 4D-System Coaching®, in a personal or professional retreat permanently balances your lifestyle, work and personal life.

Because as a creative, undertaking and engaged person, you are part of a beautiful albeit complicated world and it is often difficult to live your authenticity.

So how would it feel to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a 5-day retreat to receive exclusive attention to the problems and issues that concern you?

Supported with tailor-made 4D-System Coaching® from senior experts in very quickly identifying the deeper cause of complex problems and providing the appropriate solution.

So that you achieve more in a short time than you imagined possible, including where previous therapy or coaching did not offer you enough results.

Our five-day personal or professional retreat for creative, engaged and entrepreneurial people helps you live authentically and break old patterns

We offer a 4-D-Systemic® complete concept for enduring results.

At our own rural and inspiring location, we combine senior 4D-Systeem coaching® en therapie, for the quiet and exploratory space of a five-day personal or professional retreat.

We quickly touch the essence of your problem or goal.

You will start to notice the personal and unique blueprint of the patterns that are hindering you and experience how to release the energy stuck in them in alignment with your authentic goals and inspiration.

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.

After the Personal or Professional Retreat, you can count on our aftercare support as well.

This is why we agree on a number of follow ups, so that your improvements become firmly integrated and your process is supported in your daily business.

Because for a successful and lasting change, just a different mindset is not enough, your feelings, your environment and your convictions need to change at an equal pace with you

This gives lasting improvement on the four essential dimensions of your life.

And brings the mind, heart, body and soul into alignment and state of balance.


New times call for a new understanding of counselling and therapy.

Insights, answers, solutions and and tools for personal challenges must be in tune with today's speed and colours.

The 4D System Coaching we have developed involves working with the whole blueprint of your stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions.

Your blueprint of personal stories is as specific as your fingerprint

Our expertise is to bring about just the right, decisive and lived-through changes, enabling you to overcome, with deep understanding, patterns that hinder you from living authentically and free.

Recognising and breaking patterns gives visibility and space to your inner world


  • You increasingly feel like you cannot give direction to your life
  • Traumatic past experiences continue to negatively affect your life.
  • Periods when you suffer from gloominess emptiness or anxiety keep recurring.
  • You might have the feeling that enjoying life to the fullest and being successful constantly eludes you.
  • Although you have cognitive insight into patterns that impede you, managing to change them is not successful enough.
  • Maybe you are at the crossroads of options and remain doubtful regarding the next step in your career or private situation.
  • In previous therapy or coaching, you did not feel not been seen or understood enough or you experienced that the methodology yielded insufficient or only cognitive results.

We guarantee you sustainable results in a personal retreat, which take months for other programmes.

Your beautiful goals, stories and ambitions are the inspiration for our Retreat Centre Arte dell'Anima


Drs Ewoud Dekker is senior :Psychologist| Psychotherapist (BIG) │System Therapist | 4D-System Coach®
Marian de Neef is senior: Hypnosis Regression Therapist │Voice-dialogue Coach │senior 4d-System Coach®| System Therapist

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Full focus, one-on-one coaching and relaxation, for a period of five inspiring days with full accommodation, helps you take a significant step forward in your individual and professional life

  • During this time, you will see and experience which pattern in your blueprint impedes you to live life to the fullest.
  • This deep understanding gives you the ability to change this pattern permanently.
  • Resulting in you being at the helm again of your life and your work.
  • En jezelf met mildheid beter leert kennen zodat je gaat beleven waar de ruimte en vrijheid zich bevinden die recht doet aan je authenticiteit
  • After all, allowing yourself living and working from within your uniqueness will give you stillness and energy and, last but not least, happiness.
  • Therefore, we work holistically together towards clear goals and guide you to turn difficulties into possibilities and wider perspectives
  • By using language and images that touch your mind,heart and soul,
    you will see the solution and experience the change

After the Personal or Professional Retreat, you can count on our aftercare support as well.

  • This is why we agree on a number of follow ups, so that your improvements become firmly integrated and your process is supported in your daily business.

Briefly standing still in a Personal Retreat to then move forward again

For those around you life goes on, but for you time appears to be standing still and you are often on your own when feeling sad.

Biological and vegetarian meals support your stay

The comfortable guest rooms guarantee peace, space and privacy

The work spaces, where the extensive one to one sessions take place, have a pleasant warm atmosphere.

Arte dell' Anima is a specialized Centre for High Level Systemic Retreats. Each Retreat is put together especially for your goals, so that it is personalized like an Italian tailor-made suit.

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.
Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Personal Retreat

Because of some events in your life now, or past, you can get stagnated. A Personal Retreat can greatly enrich you and shape clearity according your personal goals

Grief & Loss Retreat

If the feeling of Grief & loss is only growing and it is difficult or impossible to move it's a good to consider professional help, also after many years

Couples Retreat

Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

If you want to benefit from 4D-Systemic Coaching® in a condensed timeframe a High Level VIP Day or Trajectory, might be a suitable choice. You will then work on a 1 to 1 with Drs. Ewoud Dekker and benefit from his 35 years experience.

VIP Days and VIP Trajectories for personal and professional development by Arte dell' Anima

The complex challenges of our time call for personal and professional transitions.

It takes courage to authentically define your position, stay connected with others and express the true value of yourself and your company or organisation.
A VIP Day or VIP Trajectory with 4D-Systemische Coaching® at an inspiring location near you or at our own rural location, will give you inspiration, profound insight and tools for immediate results.

Drs Ewoud Dekker developed his own method and, with 35 years of experience, is thé expert for psychological 4D-Systemic® change processes and transitions. 

Burnout Recovery High Tailormade Retreat VIP days & Trajectories Ewoud Dekker