You got lost in the lines of your head

I hang on your every word when you tell stories, like the morning
That it snowed, you got lost in the lines of your head and the sun
emerged. Then you are an oak tree dropping its leaves because
kissing the ground is so important that spring is shifted.
Instant season change, I see crumbs on your cheek, more and more
images connect with words and hangs
the world skews.

I live in your eyes when you sleep, the dreams visible on the big walls
of the old city, where for centuries people have stayed and rested
of their journey. You can be that, be in different times, you split up
and spread out, nothing is lost, I'm short of eyes, even
my hands get lost. My skin opens up, shreds tumble
music outside, the scent of evening lurks
under the soles of my foot.

I walk along the edges of your stories, rattling the windows
And wonder where the boundaries are. The shutters show traces
of vomit, someone was ahead of me, someone who gave up, someone who took the glass
very late. When I go inside, I see myself reflected and recognise
the man in the window as the one who gets lost and words
stows away in his jacket.

Like - I got lost in the lines of my head.

Ewoud Dekker MSc.

Ewoud Dekker MSc.



"The best coaching is as much a skill as it is an art."

Ewoud is passionate about his work, committed to each client and creative in his approach. A sincere listener to the unique and authentic story that each person carries within them.

An inspired storyteller. By stepping into your story without hesitation and with complete confidence, he quickly understands the essence
where your question revolves and the solution lies. 

And sees who you essentially are.

Drs Ewoud Dekker, founder and owner of Arte dell' Anima
Psychologist| Psychotherapist (BIG)| Senior 4D System Coach. He also writes Poems and stories.

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