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To say goodbye to your burnout for good, it is important to understand the source and unique blueprint of causative factors.

Getting to know the blueprint of your burnout

Besides a physical DNA, there is also a systemic DNA. Both profiles are completely unique, there is only one person who has this particular blueprint. Just like your fingerprint.

There may be elements in this systemic DNA profile that make you more predisposed to developing burnout. We write predisposition intentionally, in the sense of talent.

Because in essence it concerns wonderful qualities such as not giving up easily, wanting to give your best and contribute to a greater good. You like to contribute and share the best of yourself with others. The same goes for having a a real sense for responsibility, being creative and inspired, with mostly a warm heart feeling.

Your 4D-systemic roots

You often see that in your past history, your family of origin, the social environment in which you were born and raised - in short, your systemic origins - the onset of these traits are present.

Through the generations, these components are passed on, eventually resulting in your personal blueprint.

This is the starting point for tailor-made treatment and recovery from your burnout.

Our 4D-System Stress and Burnout Analysis gives clear insight into all the factors that play a role in causing your stress and burnout symptoms.

Our systemic approach maps this stress and burnout blueprint.

 For example, we see that, for children of parents running a business, getting appreciation and recognition is often linked to hard work
Whereas children with a sister or a brother who receives a lot of care or nursing learn at an young age not to call for attention for their own displeasure and needs.

Als een ouder te kampen heeft met psychische klachten, is een kind – vanuit volkomen loyaliteit – vooral bezig de ouder gelukkig te maken.

In all these examples, you find that these are ingredients that can lead to the development of burnout and stress symptoms in adulthood

Stressful events in life, work, and love are affecting your sense of wellbeing

Daarnaast zijn uiteraard je persoonlijke verhalen een onderdeel van de systemische blauwdruk. Alles wat je hebt meegemaakt, kleine en grote life events en je situatie van dit moment, zijn van grote invloed op de balans van stress, welzijn en – de tegenhanger van burnout – bevlogenheid.

Also divorce, loss of loved ones or financial worries have a deep impact on your energy level. No appriciation at your work or financiel challenges in your business take away your inner peace and make you tired.

We will map all these factors with our 4D-Systemic stress and burnout analysis®

Timely recognition of burnout and stress symptoms is often very difficult

Acknowledging that rising stress is becoming too much for you is often complicated. Especially if you are a perfectionist, and feel easily responsible for everthing and everyone around you. And do not have a clou of how recognize the signals when it becomes to much for you

A burnout is drastic, for yourself and those around you. Yet you can come out of it stronger, or learn what you can do to avoid falling into a burnout in the future

Recognising burnout and stress symptoms

  • Maybe you notice these burnout symptoms: extreme fatigue, not charging up anymore,sleeping poorly, no energy, depressed, anxious, poor concentration, vague physical issues, emotional instability.
  • And these qualities: effacing oneself, not being able to say no, feeling responsible for everything, striving for perfection, having a big conscience.
  • If you recognise much of the above, you probably have symptoms belonging to a(pre) burnout.
  • When you can no longer escape the trap of committing even more, feeling even more responsible, and exhausting yourself, it is time to seek help.
  • Always visit your GP for a check-up, as certain disease conditions or vitamin deficiencies can have a huge impact on your energy levels.

Our in-house burnout and stress treatment and working method are completely in line with your personal circumstances and the severity of burnout symptoms.

In five days, you are guaranteed to take a big step forward

Each of our retreats for burnout, is always individuel and tailor-made.
This way of working guarantees a method that matches your personal circumstances, the nature of your burnout symptoms and the extent to which they are bothering you.

A mild or pre-burnout requires a different approach than a severe burnout. If you have a lot of stress symptoms and feel you arrived int he burnout danger zone, it requires yet another approach preventing yourself from your symptoms getting worse

Therefore, therapy and coaching during a retreat is always tailor-made and one-to-one. In addition to a personalised approach and attention, it also ensures complete safety and privacy.

The good news is: It is possible to emerge from your Burnout stronger!

In all cases, there is good news. You can always get better out of burnout. Even better: if you address the cause of your burnout properly, with solid insight and clear, immediately effective tools, you will say goodbye to your blueprint for burnout and never end up in it again.

With our special expertise, own method & over 35 years of experience in stress and burnout therapy, we can guarantee you will refind the energy inspiration and courage to authentically shape your life.

Our Burnout retreat helps you find the inspiration and courage to authentically shape your life

This gives energy, space and inner freedom.


You will experience inner freedom and regain control in all important areas of life.


And learn to live and work from your full potential and full self-development.

spacious and quiet rooms

As a result, you start to experience more inner peace, space and emotional freedom


You will also gain deep insights into habit patterns and your interactions with your environment.


You will go home with tools and handles you can apply immediately.

Life force

With new inspiration, your energy, creativity and life force increase.


By having body, soul and mind in balance, your health increases.

Out of the Box

In addition, you learn to see difficulties as opportunities again.

Are you interested in our retreats, or do you have a personal question? We are happy to respond to them. Send a whats-app message to Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker will get back to you as soon as possible.