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After the loss of someone you love you are often left with feelings of confusion and uncertainty.

During our 5-day Mourning Retreat, we will help you restore the natural balance between loss & meaning
Even after many years.

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After the loss of a loved one you are often in the process of being left with confusion and uncertain feelings.

The loss of a beloved person hits you in the deepest foundation of your existence

But out of sight does not mean out of mind.

After the loss of someone you love you are often left with feelings of confusion and uncertainty. It hits you in the foundation of your existence.
Loss will change you and often time will not heal your wounds.
Sometimes the meaning of your life can feel far away, even after many years.
An unprocessed grieving process can cause physical & mental health problems. Your inner circle doesn't always know how to handle or recognize that facts.
If you are stagnating in your grief, comprehension and support are most welcome. So how would it be to get support along with your unique grieving process away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in an individual grief retreat?

Re-find your personal balance between loss & purpose with a tailor-made grief retreat.

Moving forward again by spending time with senior grief experts to reflect on your loss

Als het gevoel van verlies alleen maar toeneemt en het moeilijk is om je leven op te pakken en verder te gaan, kan het geen kwaad om professionele hulp te zoeken.
 Op onze eigen  inspirerende locatie ontvangen we je graag. Daar bieden we een warme, veilige plek om in geborgenheid stil te staan bij het verlies.
Senior Experts to help you consider the loss in a completely safe and sheltered environment.

Being senior grief therapists, we help you understand what is causing you to get stuck and let you experience what you need to move forward again. 

It takes time to find a new balance and connect towards your totally changed world.

We love to help you to becoming whole again.

Drs Ewoud Dekker is a Psychologist| Psychotherapist (BIG)│senior 4D-systems coach®
dichter en schrijver
Marian de Neef Marian de Neef, Senior 4D Systems Coach| Hypnosis Regression Therapist │ Voice-dialogue Coach │Trainer

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Grieving is a very personal inner process of saying goodbye and reconnecting with the new landscape of your life.

Ook na de Retreat voor Rouw & Verlies kun je op onze nazorg rekenen.

This is why we agree on a number of follow ups, so that your improvements become firmly integrated and your process is supported in your daily business.

For those around you life goes on, but for you time appears to be standing still and you are often on your own when feeling sad.

The most often heard advice is that life must go on, but how do you do that if you need to continue feeling that bond with someone you have lost in a way that's unique to you? It is, therefore, no surprise that at those times in particular problems arise with certain family members and friends, as a result of well-intended but thoroughly misplaced advice. This is sad for all parties involved.

Is it possible, even after several years, to work through the process of grieving?
Our answer and experience gives only one answer: yes absolutely.
A good farewell involves taking with you what you cannot live without. This always involves the nearness of the other person. You should continue to feel that. Out of sight must not be out of mind. The connection remains in your heart and memories

And you leaving behind everything that hinders you from picking up your new reality in this life.
Our grief & Loss retreat we will briefly stop the clock and helps you with a renewed sense of meaning.

In the Grief & Loss Retreat from Arte dell' Anima, your beautiful goals, stories and history take the centre stage, and you are coached 1 on 1 with this personal delicate process

  • Senior 4D-Systeem Therapists® will coach you one-on-one during 5 inspiring days at our warm and comforting center for retreat
  • Surrounded with attention and a comforting environment, we will look at all the steps in your process up to now and will start by envisaging the blueprint of your stagnation, where you are now and what you need in order to live life to the fullest again in your changed world
  • We work holistically with a wide range of techniques, both experiential and processing-oriented. As a result, you will experience how the loss can become more bearable and see perspective in the new context that fits your unique person and history.
  • As a result, you start to restore the balance between experiencing loss and finding the reign of meaning, allowing you to move from being survivor to enjoy living.
  • Of course, you will be given the tools you need to consolidate your new perceptions along with follow up calls after your Grief & Loss Retreat.

Stop time for just a moment

“De tijd vervormt alle wonden,
de stilstand echter
leaves them whole,
voor de schoonheid
en  de troost.”

Biological and vegetarian meals support your stay

The comfortable guest rooms guarantee peace, space and privacy

The work spaces, where the extensive one to one sessions take place, have a pleasant warm atmosphere.

Ewoud Dekker

Ewoud Dekker, founder and owner of Arte dell 'Anima Senior 4D System Coach, Healthcare Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Trainer.


Marian de Neef

Marian Dekker-de Neef, founder and owner Arte dell 'Anima Senior 4D System Dialogue Coach, Hypnosis Regression Therapist, Voice-dialogue Coach and Trainer

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