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Review Retreat Janine

My stay with Ewoud and Marian helped me find a new path. The voice-dialogue therapy has given me insight into the way my past has shaped me and especially in which way I was actually denying myself my own happiness. The professional and extremely committed way of working has made me feel that I can always come to them and that they are very committed to you, even after the stay. After years of regular therapy and all kinds of alternative therapy, my problems disappeared in five days. I no longer have any physical symptoms and am no longer held captive by my own thoughts. I still feel lighter and happier two months after the stay and no longer consumed by my self-imposed sense of 'should' and will'. The delicious food and relaxed atmosphere feel more like a holiday than a therapy weekend and have helped me tremendously to start a new path with a fresh start, especially with more confidence towards the future.


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