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Personal Retreat Eveline:

You are blessed if you can use the opportunity to enrich your life, to fathom it, to refresh it and to refine it. I chose to do this with Ewoud and Marian at Arte dell'Anima. It became one of my best choices ever.

I could share my thoughts and feelings with two very knowledgeable and experienced therapists. Now I knew for sure that something useful would come from that. I immediately entrusted that with them, because they immediately took me seriously. We got to the core, touched the big picture, that what had happened in the past would never again get the chance to get so much influence to my present life. It will gradually become clear that I too can just live my life, just as the world around me seemed to have been doing it for much longer. Maybe even more intense, more aware, happier. Could this be the work of the rare combination of therapists? Yes, it certainly is. Together with my willpower, move on.

What makes the therapy even more special to describe is the environment in which you end up. I have hardly felt like a client, but rather a princess. The farm, the apartment, the atmosphere, the warmth, the tranquility, the space, the delicious and healthy meals, nature, the inexhaustible humour of both. You prefer never to leave.

But it is also a good thing that you take the experiences home, because hey are intertwined with your own existence. This written piece will never be able to cover the impact of the my personal retreat with Ewoud and Marian.

You have to experience this. You probably have nothing to lose, at most, something to win forever. In any case, I am very grateful.

Are you interested in our retreats, or do you have a personal question? We are happy to respond to them. Send a whats-app message to Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker will get back to you as soon as possible.