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Relationship Weekend Arte dell' Anima

After 27 years, you know so slowly what you meanto each other. We both had a process behind us in which personal growth, and how we relate to each other, played an important role. The expectation with which we started this session was therefore modest. Both of us wanted more insight into our basic patterns and how they play through in our relationship ...

The surprise was great when this expectation was immediately exceeded on the first day. Amazing how Ewoud and Marian work together and the precision which they together explained the bare of our basic patterns. Our most primary patterns were literally placed in space surrounded with love and respect. A safe place where everything could and should be there. No need to play the stage or to keep up appearances.

The structure was clear: Exploring the patterns, elaborating the basic pattern and providing tools to continue with this. With this the whole was nicely finished after the third day.

And then of course there was the wonderful accomodation where it all took place. The farm is an oasis of tranquility situated in a beautiful landscape. In the front house we had a wealth of space for ourselves. Comfort topped with nostalgia.

The excellent culinary art of Ewoud, the hospitality, personal and loving attention of both of them made the whole weekend into a warm bath in which we could let go of old pains.

It will take some time to really let everetthing fall into place, but it already feels like we could step into the elevator. With Ewoud and Marian we have been raised one or perhaps a few floors higher.

Marian, Ewoud again thank you very much.

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