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Relationship Weekend Arte dell' Anima Remco

My experiences with the retreat. Now, a day later, so everything is still fresh, I feel the impact of the weekend in a completely positive way. The insights that Ewoud and Marian have clarified towards me are invaluable.

The feeling of freedom and the removal of certain blind spots, giving (yes, even me, ADHD), an oasis of peace. Being able to give a place to old and deeply rooted pain is a revelation that now offers me many possibilities. What an energy to let other things take its place!

The peace and freedom in your beautiful farm is so balanced that even an ADHD person does not need time and space to have to be climatised. That in itself is worth a compliment. It was a weekend to remember, and a new challenge is on our path, thanks to the help from two beautiful, respectful and purposeful people.

Concluding a wisdom: You cannot teach a person, you can only help him discover it in himself.


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