Couples Retreats with Exclusive Coaching & Therapy

Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

Our 4D-Systemic method touches your mind, heart and soul.

As a result, you will quickly experience a real fundamental change.

  • Our relationshiptherapy and coaching will help you to reduce the symptoms and solve the systemic blueprint of your problems.
    An intensive couples retreat at our rustic location will give you both deep understanding, purpose and inspiration.
  • A retreat with senior therapy for couples creates the special enviremont in which you perceive the appropriate solution and experience lived through change.
  • By spending a few days at our centre, you will remain in the process of relation transformation, accomplishing more than you think is imaginable in a relatively short time.
  • To guarantee the best possible results, the sessions during your Couples Retreat will always be managed by the two of us together. In that manner you can count on both a female and male therapist which benefits your systemic balance.

Each programme of an exclusive Couples Retreat is composed tailormade with transparant steps so you can follow your process.

Day 1

On day 1, you will be welcomed with a delicious lunch. After that the 2 of you will attend a very extensive session.

  • Using our 4 D-Systemic method®, we map your shared conscious and unconscious blueprint of stories, beliefs, cognitions and emotions.
  • As a result, we will catch the essence of your question and the solution that fits it very quickly. With that deep analysis, we start working in a targeted and full-focus manner.
  • This means that during the first session, you will gain a deep understanding of what elements are hindering your development and potentials for resolving stagnation in your relationship. You will start to see the origin of the patterns in which you are blocked and experience perspective on overcoming them.

Day 2

    On the 2nd day, you will have a very comprehensive session where we will work purposefully and experientially with the insights from the first conversation.

    You learn to harness other parts of your personality, significantly increasing your communication and ability to reach out to each other.

    • As we start reframing the blueprint of the problems, the old patterns lose momentum and a secure foundation for a better relationship is created.
    • You will see and experience which experiences and beliefs from the family of origin negatively affect your relationship and how to break through this.
    • Sometimes, unprocessed painful experiences from previous relationships prevent you from opening up fully and without fear. We teach you how to resolve these together.
    • You will see and experience how to adjust beliefs that hinder connection and intimacy.
    • You will discover how to ask clearly for what you need. And how to give this to your partner without losing yourself.
    • Furthermore, you will receive joint or solo homework designed to be discussed together.

    Day 3

    Also on the last day, there is another comprehensive session, aimed at letting you go home as prepared as possible.

    • We will consolidate and reinforce the insights gained and explain the interaction of your joint blueprint one more time.
    • There is space to answer the questions following your relationship process and homework ,
    • You will also be given more practical tools that you can start working with right away at home
    • We make an appointment for the telephone follow-up that is part of the relationship retreat.

    Follow-up and aftercare

    After 2 weeks, a comprehensive telephone session takes place. In it, we will discuss the progress of the improvements in the relationship. Where necessary, we will sharpen and expand the insights and add tools, to ensure that you realise the goals in improving the relationship.

    If it is desirable and advisable, it is possible to schedule a 2nd follow-up session.

    Part of the aftercare is also, that you can contact us in between, with questions you would like to put to us. Aftercare ensures that the improvements in the relationship are strengthened and extended.

      We guarantee you sustainable results in a few days, which take months in other trajectories.

      In a beautiful and inspiring location, we enhance relationship therapy and coaching with the peace and depth of a retreat. Everything is designed to provide privacy, relaxation and comfort.

      Committing to the relationship in three consecutive days gives much better results than months of relationship therapy with 1 session a week.


          • Within the relationship retreat, you will quickly start to recognise the patterns that get in the way of a balanced and happy relationship.
          • With solid insight and practical tools, we will help you break through them.
          • You quickly discover new opportunities to thoroughly improve and renew your relationship.
          • You will experience the relationship from space and inspiration.
          • You are involved with each other again and experience more intimacy.

            The Relationship Retreat is always followed by a follow-up to solidify the improvements and further integrate them into the relationship

      Burnout Retreat

      Again moving ahead by briefly standing still. Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

      Personal Retreat

      This retreat for creative, and venturesome people will help you live authentically and overcome old Hindering patterns

      Grief & Loss Retreat

      If the feeling of Grief & loss is only growing and it is difficult or impossible to move forward you might consider professional help, also after many years

      Couples Retreat

      Spending three days as a welcome guest of the senior experts in solving relationship problems will certainly help your relationship to move a big step forward.

      Are you interested in our retreats, or do you have a personal question? We are happy to respond to them. Send a whats-app message to Arte dell' Anima. Ewoud Dekker will get back to you as soon as possible.