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New times call for a new approach towards coaching and therapy.

New times call for a new approach of coaching and therapy. Insights, solutions and tools have to match the pace of today

No overal ong time divided sessions, but an intensive and rapid approach. In order to reach that you need beside rest and review, the right expertise and experience, inspiration, creativity and a daring point of view.

That takes a unique and innovative vision, out of the box thinking and a process outside of the box. Especially in this time there is so much need for that.

That’s why we developed our systemic therapeutic Retreats, which we see as our Grand Cru or Super Tuscan’s. It offers you the the unique combination of next level therapy and coaching combined with the deepening of a retreat.

For whom?

Our Tailor-made Retreats are very suitable if you recognize one of the following:

  • You have a (complex) individual or relational problem and are willing to fully invest in a solid and permanent solution during a short and intensive program.
  • In respect of these symptoms and problems, you want the coaching or therapy of senior experts,who guarantee a first-class result.
  • It could be that you have already engaged in various programs , but that the desired change remains forthcoming despite cognitive insight.
  • It appeals to you to leave the hustle and bustle of daily existence behind for a couple of days and receive some exclusive attention  regarding the problems and issues that keep you occupied.


Persoonlijke, Exclusieve & Tailormade Retreats

Regelmatig ontvangen we mensen, die zich in een eerdere therapie of coaching onvoldoende gezien of begrepen hebben gevoeld. Of waarbij de werkwijze onvoldoende resultaat opleverde. Juist dan kunnen we vaak een oplossing bieden.

We zijn experts in het zeer snel opsporen van de diepere oorzaak van klachten en de kern van stagnatie in je leven en je persoonlijke ontwikkeling. We verstaan de kunst om energie die verloren gaat in klachten en stilstand, om te zetten in kracht en positieve energie. Een stroom die je vooruit brengt.

Tenslotte begint alles met ruimte. Ook het zien van de oplossing en het ervaren van de verandering.

  • Elke Retreat wordt speciaal voor jou samengesteld, zodat deze past als een Italiaans maatkostuum.
  • Om de kwaliteit van ons werk te waarborgen, beperken we het aantal cliënten per retreat tot 3 personen.
  • Het therapeutisch programma is exclusief, op maat en individueel.
  • De maaltijden, zoveel mogelijk biologisch en vegetarisch, zijn gezamenlijk.
  • Onze verblijfskamers zijn bijzonder ruim en comfortabel en voorzien van een eigen badkamer en toilet.

It all begins with experiencing Space.

Therapie en coaching helpen je om klachten te verminderen en problemen op te lossen.
Een retreat geeft je verdieping, zingeving, bezieling.

We guarantee a lasting result within a mere couple of days instead of following other programs that could take months.

  • Therapy and Coaching will help you reduce the symptoms and solve problems.
    A retreat will give you a sense of depth, meaning and vitality.
  • The combination of all the above results in a special approach that actually helps you perceive the appropriate solution and experience the change you are going through.
  • By spending a few days at our center, you will remain in the changing process resulting in achieving so much more than you ever thought possible in only a short period of time.
  • You can opt for a 3-day or 5-day retreat. In addition to your own preference, we can make certain recommendations in view of your personal query and circumstances.  

If you are aiming for a successful and permanent change, you will need more
than just a different mindset.

Change your story and you will change the world

If you are aiming for a successful and permanent change, you will need more than just a different mindset. It will not last. Your feelings, emotions, the relationship with your environment or your convictions can seriously undermine your new and positive thoughts.

What you need, is that your feelings, environment and convictions change with you at an equal pace. Only that will give you the foundation you need. Head, heart, body and soul fully harmonized and balanced.

The System Coaching we developed focuses on the blueprint of your stories, convictions, cognitions and emotions.
It is a blueprint as specific as your fingerprint. Our expertise is about making a change to that blueprint, a change that is exactly right and decisive.
This will result in a permanent improvement of the four essential dimensions of your life.





Learn to become better acquainted with your unique blueprint in a Retreat

Burnout Retreat

Opnieuw vooruit door even stil te staan.
Neem  afscheid van je blauwdruk voor burnout en beleef weer Ruimte, Energie en Vrijheid

Relationship Retreat

Three days as the welcomed guest of the best senior experts in solving relational problems will definitely help your relationship move forward.

Personal Retreat

Door sommige gebeurtenissen in je leven nu, of verleden kun je vastlopen. Een Persoonlijke Retreat kan je leven verrijken en richting geven.

Mourning Retreat

Verwerken van verlies kost tijd en liefdevolle aandacht. Wij zijn experts in het begrijpen en verder helpen van mensen in een rouwproces

Ewoud Dekker

Ewoud Dekker, founder and owner of Arte dell 'Anima Senior 4D System Coach, Healthcare Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Trainer.


Marian de Neef

Marian Dekker-de Neef, founder and owner Arte dell 'Anima Senior 4D System Dialogue Coach, Hypnosis Regression Therapist, Voice-dialogue Coach and Trainer


We work with humor, courage, compassion and confidence
in your unlimited potential to grow.

Beside that we put in our full personality, expertise and experience.

And we bring complex issues back to their essence and simplicity.

All of this in language and images that will touch your head, heart and soul, for a remaining result

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