Personal Retreats with Exclusive Therapy & Coaching

For a successful and lasting change, only a different mindset alone is not enough
Our unique holistic method brings your lifestyle, work, and private life permanently  in a authentic balance



As a creative, undertaking and involved human being you are part of a beautiful be it complex world in which you sometimes hit a wall

Persoonlijke, Professionele  en Tailormade Retreat Nederland

  • Imagine to be five days away from the bustle of everyday life surrounded with inividuele attention and expert therapy and counseling for your personal, work-related or relationship problems and issues that keep you busy.?
  • This combined with tailor-made coaching by senior experts who are quick to determine the deeper cause of complex problems and to provide a suitable solution.
  • To ensure that you, in a short period of time, will achieve
  • Also when previous therapy or coaching offered insufficient resultsmore than you ever thought possible.
  • And where it is possible to join a retreat within two to six weeks

Wij bieden een 4-D totaalconcept voor blijvend resultaat.

Taking a moment will help your think more clearly and improve your perception.
At our own inspiring and beautiful rural location, we add the stillness and depth of a Personal & professional retreat to our senior System Coaching and Therapy.

By presenting you with a clear overview you will soon recognize your personal and unique blueprint of the patterns that impede you. You will be given fundamental insights and toolsin how the energy stuck in it, can start flowing again freely according to your original goals and inspiration.

Stillness and Space

Experience the atmosphere of an authentic Oldambster farm

View on the Park Borgerswold

You need more than a different mindset to achieve a successful and permanent change, your feelings, environment and convictions must change with you at an equal pace.


This will balance and harmonize head, heart, body and soul.

What you need, is that your feelings, environment and convictions change with you at an equal pace. Only that will give you the foundation you need. Head, heart, body and soul fully harmonized and balanced.

The System Coaching we developed, in combination with a Retreat, focuses on the blueprint of your stories, convictions, cognitions and emotions.

It is a blueprint as specific as your fingerprint. Our 30 years of experience has matured our knowledge just like a good wine resulting in the development of a 4D total concept.

Full focus één op één coachen én geheel verzorgd ontspannen, helpt je een grote stap verder in je persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling

    • During this time, you will see and experience which pattern in your blueprint impedes you to live life to the fullest.
    • This in-depth insight will give you the chance to change this pattern permanently.
    • Resulting in you being at the helm again of your life and your work.
    • Learning more about yourself with mildness and experiencing where to find the space and freedom that do your authenticity justice
    • After all, living and working from within your uniqueness will give you stillness and energy and, last but not least, happiness.
    • This is why we, together, work holistically on clear goals and convert difficulties into opportunities and perspective.
    • Through the use of language and images that will touch one’s heart and soul, you will perceive the solution and experience the change

You can also count on us after the Personal Retreat, which is why we will agree on a number of follow-up telephone calls to ensure the further integration of your improvements and to support your process at home.

Ook na de persoonlijke en professionele retreat kun je op ons rekenen.

  • Daarom spreken we een aantal telefonische follow ups af, zodat je verbeteringen stevig geïntegreerd raken en je proces thuis ondersteund wordt.

Purity, comfort and inspiration.

We have worked for 30 years with people who have hit a temporary wall in their lives, relationships or work.


Your beautiful goals, stories and ambitions are the inspiration for our Personal Retreats.

This retreat is suitable for enterprising and creative people who have a personal or professional need to be more in touch with their original goals and inspiration

Misschien herken je de volgende klachten of issues

  • You increasingly feel that you are no longer at the helm of your life.
  • The negative influence of traumatic experiences never seems to stop.
  • Gloomy periods and anxiety keep recurring.
  • You feel that enjoying life to the fullest and being successful constantly eludes you.
  • Although you do have the patterns that impede you in sight, you are just not successful enough in breaking them.
  • You are at the crossroads of options and remain doubtful regarding the next step in your career or private situation.
  • Previous therapy or coaching lacked sufficient perception and understanding or that the approach in itself did not lead to a satisfactory result.

Arte dell’ Anima is een gespecialiseerd centrum voor high level systemische retreats. Iedere retreat wordt speciaal voor jou samengesteld, zodat deze past als een Italiaans maatkostuum.

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.
Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Relationship Retreat

Three days as the welcomed guest of the best senior experts in solving relational problems will definitely help your relationship move forward.

Personal Retreat

Certain events in your current or past life can cause you to hit a wall. A Personal Retreat can enrich your life and give it direction.

Grief & Loss Retreat

Dealing with a loss takes time and a lot of loving attention.We are senior experts in understanding those who are going through a mourning process help you to move on
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