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Unique Retreats with tailormade high level
Therapy & Coaching.

Every Retreat is organized especially for you,

so that your program fits you like an Italian tailor-made suit

lasting change takes place by  connecting and understanding your mind, heart and soul balance.

That all starts with experiencing space, time and focus on the individual & professional goals you want to reach


Personal, Exclusive & Tailor-made Retreats

We often welcome guests for whom previous therapy or coaching lacked perception and understanding. Or where the approach was insufficiently successful. In that case, in particular, we can often offer a solution.

We are experts in the quick detection of the deeper cause of symptoms and the core of stagnation in your life and your personal development. We understand the art of converting energy lost in symptoms and stagnation into strength and positive energy. A flow that will take you forward.

After all, everything begins with experiencing space. The same applies to perceiving the solution and experiencing the change.


  • Each Retreat will be specifically tailored to your needs, making it fit as well as an Italian tailor-made suit.
  • In order to ensure the quality of our work, we will limit the number of clients per retreat to three persons.
  • The therapeutic program is exclusive, tailor-made and individual.
  • The meals that will be organic and vegetarian for as far as possible, will be enjoyed collectively.
  • Our rooms are very spacious and comfortable and have their own bathroom and toilet.

It all begins with experiencing Space.

Therapy and Coaching will help you reduce the symptoms and solve problems. A retreat will give you a sense of depth, meaning and vitality.


For whom?

Our Tailor-made Retreats are very suitable if you recognize one of the following:

  • You have a (complex) individual or relational problem and are willing to fully invest in a solid and permanent solution during a short and intensive program.
  • In respect of these symptoms and problems, you want the coaching or therapy of senior experts,who guarantee a first-class result.
  • It could be that you have already engaged in various programs , but that the desired change remains forthcoming despite cognitive insight.
  • It appeals to you to leave the hustle and bustle of daily existence behind for a couple of days and receive some exclusive attention  regarding the problems and issues that keep you occupied.


We guarantee a lasting result within a mere couple of days instead of following other programs that could take months.

  • Therapy and Coaching will help you reduce the symptoms and solve problems.
    A retreat will give you a sense of depth, meaning and vitality.
  • The combination of all the above results in a special approach that actually helps you perceive the appropriate solution and experience the change you are going through.
  • By spending a few days at our center, you will remain in the changing process resulting in achieving so much more than you ever thought possible in only a short period of time.
  • You can opt for a 3-day or 5-day retreat. In addition to your own preference, we can make certain recommendations in view of your personal query and circumstances.  

If you are aiming for a successful and permanent change, you will need more

than just a different mindset.

Change your story and you will change the world

If you are aiming for a successful and permanent change, you will need more than just a different mindset. It will not last. Your feelings, emotions, the relationship with your environment or your convictions can seriously undermine your new and positive thoughts.

What you need, is that your feelings, environment and convictions change with you at an equal pace. Only that will give you the foundation you need. Head, heart, body and soul fully harmonized and balanced.

The System Coaching we developed focuses on the blueprint of your stories, convictions, cognitions and emotions.
It is a blueprint as specific as your fingerprint. Our expertise is about making a change to that blueprint, a change that is exactly right and decisive.
This will result in a permanent improvement of the four essential dimensions of your life.





Learn to become better acquainted with your unique blueprint in a Retreat

Burnout Retreat

Again moving ahead by briefly standing still.
Say goodbye to your burnout blueprint and again experience the feeling of Space, Energy and Freedom

Relationship Retreat

Three days as the welcomed guest of the best senior experts in solving relational problems will definitely help your relationship move forward.

Personal & Professional Retreat

Certain events in your current or past life can cause you to hit a wall. A Personal Retreat can enrich your life and give it direction.

Grief & loss Retreat

Dealing with a loss takes time and a lot of loving attention.We are experts in understanding those who are going through a mourning process and helping them move on




We do our work with humor, courage, compassion and confidence

in your unlimited possibilities for growth.

We are fully committed to this, using our personality, expertise and experience.

We reduce complex matters to the essence and simplicity in

a language and with images that will touch one’s heart and soul.

New times demand a new vision of coaching and therapy.

New times demand a new approach in coaching and therapy. Insight, solutions and tools in respect of personal issues must suit today’s speed and color.

New times demand a new vision of coaching and therapy.

It requires a self-willed and innovative vision, out-of-the-box thinking and an approach that exceeds the traditional frameworks. This is very much needed and particularly now.

For this reason we developed our Systemic Therapeutic Retreats that we consider our Grand Crus or Super Tuscans. And in which we combine therapy and coaching with the depth of a retreat

which is a unique and innovative concept.

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