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Relationship Weekend Retreat

About three weeks ago we followed a relationship retreat with  Ewoud and Marian. It was a nice, beautiful and special weekend. The moment we chose to seek help for our relationship, we were together for about 9 years. We are still young, 23 and 26 years old, but it was worth saving our relationship. The weekend at Arte dell ’Anima has made many things clear to us.

Actually, the first session made clear where the sore points were and we discussed how we could process this. Ewoud and Marian are so well attuned to each other that a pleasant and especially positive atmosphere emerged, in which we could be ourselves and in which we also mainly looked at the improvement and not just the difficult times behind us. Outside of the sessions we were pampered and very well looked after.

We actually concluded that it would be a supplement, enrichment or addition for each couple to follow this relationshop retreat at Arte dell ’Anima. Whether you have problems in your relationship or not, it always has added value.

Dear Marian and Ewoud, thank you so much for what you did for us. We are back on the right track and you have taken care of that. Some moments are still difficult, but other moments are better than before. We look forward to a future together in good spirits.

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