Review Keren persoonlijke Retreat

“As a performing artist, freelancer and entrepreneur I function in a world with very little stability. My art is my being and the driving force, but the real life beyond imagination and flight can at times be overwhelming. The past summer I got the biggest wake-up call of my life. For the first time ever, I froze and became overwhelmed by mere fact of living.

I am trained to always push my boundaries, to focus, to aim for my goals may it be physical or mental. I have been through 2 hard core surgeries and got back on stage, I travel the world with my work on a frequent basis. Yet, all of a sudden my soul was calling me to stop, it was hurting. It was such a scary experience and I knew right then and there that alone I will not make it – I need kindred, experienced souls to help me see my light again so I can keep on shining.

Dear Ewoud and Marian were already present in my life from several months before, but on that specific period I was so privileged to have them by my side at every step of the way which they still do: my journey had started with them on a 5day retreat but it continues and still evolves even whilst writing these precious lines.

Through the guidance of Ewoud and Marian I went through a transformative, life changing experience. Together with both of them by my side, supporting and loving, I was able to go all the way back to the purest source of my essence, where I emerge and where myself and the world meet. I can honestly say, that without them I wouldn’t have made it to be where I stand within myself today.

They have this rare gift to see humans for who they really are, without projecting assumptions or ideas. They have the capacities to manifest sense of freedom and embodiment with the way they work. This is all taking place within the one of a kind home/ space, they created for us humans to have a little breather from life, to give ourselves the gift to listen, to heal and embrace the most beautiful version of ourselves.
For anyone who is courageous to call for a change, invest in the work and allow himself/herself to be vulnerable in a safe space – Arte dell’ Anima is a home for you”.

Keren Rosenberg Performer | choreographer | Movement researcher

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